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Zettel Notes supports configuring markdown formatting apart from App Theme.


You can export and import markdown styles as json files.

What can be modified ?

  1. Blockquote color
  2. Bold / Emphasis color
  3. Code (Foreground and Background color)
  4. Heading color
  5. Highlight (Foreground and Background color)
  6. Italics color
  7. Link color
  8. List Bullet color
  9. Text color
  10. Thematic break color
  11. Bullet width
  12. Heading break height
  13. Thematic break height
  14. Show markdown link brackets
  15. Show underline in links
  16. Code Font
  17. Heading Font
  18. Editor Font
  19. Viewer Font


If you define editor and viewer fonts in markdown theme and also in app theme, then fonts selected in markdown theme will be preferred.


Following styles are provided by default. You can customize these styles or add your own.

Writer Theme
The Coding Writer
The Coding Writer Theme
Monokai Theme
Cyberpunk Theme
Dracula Theme

These pre-installed styles were inspired from The Archive Themes

How to add new markdown style ?

Another Beautiful Style (My Favourite)

  • To apply this markdown style, download json file and import in Zettel Notes. Settings > Theme > Markdown Style > Import.
Hertz Dark
Hertz Dark Theme