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Frequently Asked Questions

F-droid downloads are slow

  • Sometimes, it happens that the server on which f-droid repository is hosted can be slow to respond.
  • In that case, try using alternate url for repository.

How to use Nextcloud synchronization ?

  • Obtain the WebDAV URL for your Nextcloud instance. It should be in the following format http://SERVER/remote.php/dav/files/USERNAME/SUBFOLDER/
  • Replace SERVER with the URL of your Nextcloud instance, such as Replace USERNAME with your Nextcloud username such as dax. If you have set up subfolder synchronization,replace SUBFOLDER with the name of your subfolder such as znotes.
  • Example of a valid url
  • Enter the WebDAV URL you obtained in webdav synchronization dialog.

How to update app if I don't use play store ?

How to be a beta tester ?

  1. Join google groups first
  2. Now Join beta testing on play store

How does encryption work ?

  • AES Encryption key generation takes two inputs a) User provided Password b) Unique Salt.
  • Salt is generated unique for every app installation.
  • Decryption can only be done by zettel notes app on user device
  • If you uninstall zettel notes app or forget password, notes can\'t be decrypted.
  • Password is not stored in zettel notes. Only asymmetric password hash is stored, which is compared with the user entered password on app start. So, you should be extra careful when setting password.