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Templates are snippets of text which can be added while creating a new note.

Dynamic variables

Zettel Notes supports following dynamic variables in templates. Dynamic variables can be added anywhere in template and its value will be replaced by corresponding text.

  • $id$ : Note ID
  • $title$ : Note Title
  • $filename$ : Filename
  • $$yyyyMMdd$$ : Date variable
  • $custom$ : Custom variable


Date variable is surrounded with 2 $$ on each side. To learn more about its format read official documentation

Custom Variables

Apart from pre-defined variables, Zettel Notes allows you to use custom variables also. These are defined by $ on each side. eg. $custom$. While adding new note, you can set value of custom variable. Its all occurences in template will be replaced by specific value set by user.

add note screen
Usage of custom template variable