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⭐ New! Markdown folder links: [folder](/folder/)
⭐ Allow commas in YAML tags
⭐ Added support for pasting images from clipboard
⭐ Support using a single $ for inline LaTeX eg. $a=b$
🐛 Fixed issue with tag search in notes list


⭐ Play audio files in in-built Audio Player
🐛 Fix editor toolbar buttons


⭐ Add previous button for note search
⭐ Option to change image link format in settings (![[image.png]])
🐛 Fix backlinks search
🐛 Fix heading editor button icon


🐛 Fix crash while opening note


⭐ New! Charcoal background color
⭐ New! HTML to Markdown converter for websites that require login
⭐ New! Image editor for in-built gallery
⭐ Settings option to change scrollbar size
🐛 Fix editor scroll jumps
🐛 Fix text to speech not working for large text


⭐ Export note as PDF directly instead of using print dialog
⭐ Show ellipsize in note content
🐛 Fix slow scrolling with line numbering
🐛 Fix inline latex rendering as date time


⭐ Settings option to change UI Font (Default / Lato / Roboto)
⭐ Share note via info dialog
⭐ Pandoc export now supports relative image links
🐛 Fix editor margins when line numbering is used


⭐ New option to change note margins (Settings > Editor and Viewer)
⭐ New option in link dialog to insert youtube links unformatted
⭐ Now Pandoc share works for encrypted files also
🐛 Fix widget crash


⭐ GIF support!
⭐ Markdown theme option for changing heading size
⭐ Option to edit .gitignore for GIT synchronization
⭐ Share note as DOCX, EPUB, ODT using Termux


🐛 Fix SSH synchronization


⭐ Launch web urls in custom tabs
🐛 Fix SSH synchronization


⭐ New! Settings options for synchronization merge preference and conflict resolution
⭐ New! Settings option for switching between old and new launcher icon
⭐ Allow replacing text in editor with empty string
🐛 Fix stuck images in image viewer
🐛 Fix restoring previous repository on app restart


⭐ New! Settings option to toggle editor line numbering
⭐ Improve note multi selection
⭐ Plugins Api Reworked (You will need to have latest plugins)
🐛 Fix location image


⭐ New! Long press home button to change repositories quickly
⭐ New! Repositories will be shown in left drawer
⭐ Option to disable code syntax highlighting (Settings > Editor and Viewer)
⭐ Option to change content size and content length in notes list (Settings > Notes List)
⭐ Option to toggle left drawer items (Settings > Notes List)


⭐ Markdown code syntax highlight
⭐ Settings option to show note content
🐛 Not refreshing notes on directory rename
🐛 URL encoding issue while sharing webpages


⭐ Show all note images in inbuilt image viewer
⭐ Option to share note file directly via telegram or mail
🐛 Fix opening markdown files from file manager
🐛 Fix crash while opening invalid links


⭐ Inbuilt image viewer
⭐ Allow user to change default attachment prefixes (Settings > Editor and Viewer)
⭐ New Tasker plugin action to get note content
🐛 Fix non specific backlinks


⭐ Allow user to enable / disable plugins
⭐ Load unsigned plugins also
⭐ Option to download from 2,594 CSL styles in bibtex manager
⭐ Search and Replace button in editor
🐛 Fix repeating headline in viewer


⭐ Allow @[] in filenames
🐛 Fix crash on android 6


⭐ 7 new markdown styles!
⭐ Show associated notes option for media files
🐛 Fix backlinks search causing slow loading
🐛 Fix google drive client for testers
🐛 Fix heading formatting in note title
🐛 Make heading links confirm to specifications


⭐ Press on markdown styles to show it
🐛 Fix changing filename extension on note save
🐛 Fix gallery markdown links
🐛 Fix disabling undo redo editor buttons


⭐ 2 new launcher shortcuts (Synchronize in download or upload only mode)
⭐ Allow user to set editor button groups in between buttons
⭐ Disable undo redo buttons if nothing to change
⭐ Increase scrollbar thumb width
⭐ New editor button (download online images to local storage)
🐛 Fix showing incorrect markdown style


WARN! Editor buttons will be reset with this update. Please setup them again.

⭐ 3 new editor buttons (Go to line, Scroll to top, Scroll to bottom)
⭐ Allow user to change icon for all editor buttons (except plugins)
🐛 Fix scroll bug


⭐ Settings option for initial cursor position in editor
⭐ Show link url on long press
⭐ Support $id$ $title$ $filename$ variables for attachment suffix
⭐ Rename Editor order buttons to Editor toolbar
🐛 Fix crash on search in editor
🐛 Fix overwriting encrypted note extension on save


⭐ Show confirmation dialog when deleting fonts
⭐ Settings option to change initial editor cursor position (Settings > Editor and Viewer) 🐛 Fix cursor jump on loading note


⭐ Icons! for editor toolbar groups (1000+)
⭐ Allow user to create style buttons in editor toolbar
⭐ Swipe to delete editor buttons in button order screen
⭐ Settings option for Table of contents first heading level
⭐ New YAML variables related to note file ${id}$ ${title}$ ${filename}$ ${mdate}$ ${accessed}$ ${wordcount}$
🐛 Fix bottom sheets collapsing in landscape mode


⭐ User defined groups for Editor buttons (Editor buttons order > New group)
⭐ Indent Table of Contents
⭐ Settings options for viewer and editor line wrap (Settings > Editor and Viewer)
⭐ Trigger search on pressing enter only
🐛 Fix Google Drive synchronization
🐛 Fix punctuations in italics regex
🐛 Fix selection clearing on scroll in viewer


⭐ New! Editor button to toggle keyboard
⭐ Launcher shortcuts for most accessed notes
⭐ Swipe button to rename task (Task Note)
⭐ Support arrays in YAML variable
⭐ Minimum android version is now 6 (from 5.1)
🐛 Fix crash while restoring large note


⭐ Support multiple sources in YAML front-matter
⭐ Change YAML variables format to (${property}$)
⭐ Separate Copy / Move notes from Share section


🐛 Fix search launcher shortcut


⭐ New! Fleeting note launcher shortcut with specific template
⭐ Calendar highlight color is set according to number of notes
⭐ Settings option to parse hidden media folders
⭐ Settings option to change LaTeX text size (Editor and Viewer)


⭐ HTML center tag to align images
⭐ Click code blocks to code text to clipboard
⭐ Reimplement Table of Contents heading levels
⭐ Settings option for Web clipper (Note Formats)
🐛 Fix Latex Omega sign
🐛 Fix large tooltip size in toolbar


⭐ Trigger Git synchronization on saving file
⭐ Improve! Table of contents
⭐ Set image size using HTML width for img tag
🐛 Fix not rendering latex matrix


⭐ New! Todo.txt plugin
🐛 Fix note date not updating
🐛 Fix task adapter for RTL languages


⭐ Settings option to disable mounting internal repositories (Settings > Security)
⭐ Improve HTML to markdown conversion
🐛 Fix webdav not syncing files inside folder


⭐ Manual synchronization button in left drawer
Mount internal repositories using documents provider (open in native Files app)
🐛 Fix saved searches counter


⭐ New! Storage Manager (Android Settings > Zettel Notes > Storage and Cache > Manage Space)
🐛 Fix webdav synchronization
🐛 Fix links not working after rotation


⭐ New! Toolbar Color setting
⭐ Dividers in compact notes list
⭐ Support # in file names
🐛 Fix launching from recents screen


⭐ New Log note
⭐ New Launcher shortcut : Search shortcut (Directly open app with search focused)
⭐ Inline Heading links ([Heading](#heading))
⭐ Open first searched item on pressing enter
⭐ Long press to delete font file in font selection dialog
🐛 Fix Dropbox synchronization
🐛 Fix saving encrypted file


⭐ Trigger synchronization on note save (Settings > Synchronization > Trigger sync on saving note)
⭐ Settings option for note list corner, padding and text size (Settings > Notes List > Display)
🐛 Fix audio note attachments
🐛 Fix salt detection method


⭐ Fleeting Note launcher shortcut (Widgets > Create launcher shortcut)
⭐ Folders and repository launcher shortcuts
⭐ New drawing note quick tile


⭐ New initial editor screen
⭐ Settings option for add note button (Notes List > Customize Add Note Button)
🐛 Fix flickering notes list
🐛 Fix delete editor button


🐛 Bug fixes


⭐ Crash reporting library
⭐ Dutch language
⭐ New End to end encryption (Enable in Repository > Encryption > E2E)
🐛 Fix slow launch
🐛 Fix widget update


⭐ Use strong hash (argon2) for password encryption (existing users using password encryption should upgrade in repository settings)
⭐ Rounded corners for toast messages
🐛 Fix launcher shortcuts for encrypted files


⭐ Emoji editor button
⭐ Note Layouts (Compact, Normal, Grid)
⭐ Hide / Show completed tasks button in Task Note
⭐ Support code,pre,strike and spoiler HTML tags
⭐ Settings option to strike completed tasks (Settings > Note Formats > Strike completed tasks)
⭐ Settings option for attachment (eg. drawing) suffix (Settings > Editor and Viewer > Attachment Suffix)
⭐ Settings option disable Soft break adding new line in viewer (Settings > Editor and Viewer > Soft break adds new line)
⭐ 4 new markdown style settings (Code Font, Heading Font, Editor and Viewer Font)
🐛 Fix password encryption


⭐ Integration of Task Note with Alarm Plugin
🐛 Fix cursor position in editor
🐛 Fix WebDav connection timeouts


🐛 Fix slow image loading
🐛 Fix plugin not being detected


⭐ New Alarm Plugin!
⭐ Editor highlighter for comments
⭐ Undo and Redo while drawing
🐛 Webdav Synchronization
🐛 Fix launcher shortcuts


⭐ 4 new languages (Catalan, French, Tagalog, Vietnamese)
⭐ New UI for Note History (Patch) dialog
⭐ Repository option to import notes from StyleNote HTML
⭐ Support &! in filename
⭐ Editor settings option to disable editor formatting and note cursor restore
⭐ New Cut text editor button
🐛 Fix deep links
🐛 Fix search highlight clashing with note highlight ==highlight==


⭐ Note Widget
⭐ Button to close pinned notification
⭐ 5 new markdown theme options (Highlight Text Foreground and others)
⭐ Support obsidian comments (%% comment %%)
⭐ Click on color picker to enter hex color
⭐ Website link as zettel link (Deep links) eg.


⭐ Added multi-selection (Long press notes to activate)
⭐ New CheckUncheck All tasks editor button
⭐ New YAML id(uid) property
⭐ New Zettel link format (znotes://repository/?id=123456)
⭐ Use default remote origin branch for git synchronization (if not set by user)
⭐ Show all branches in VCS Screen (-> Renamed to List Commits)
⭐ Use system and user imported CA in git synchronization (includes self-signed CAs)
⭐ Save cursor position in editor
⭐ Save filters with saved searches
🐛 Git synchronization merging branches
🐛 Fix crash while opening external files


🚀 BibTex parser now supports JSON files ✨ 7 new editor buttons added (Lock editing, Move lines, Next/Prev line, Toggle checkbox, Delete line) 🐛 Bug fixes for slow search, invalid note links for obsidian:// and evernote://, task note, and link clashes with identical filenames


⭐ Long press to copy spoiler text
🐛 Fix note parser crash if yaml tag empty


⭐ Repository option to select attachment folder in note folder
⭐ Add Text Color in Markdown Theme
⭐ Support ,~ in file names
🐛 Note sorting reset after changing language


⭐ Use shortest link path for attachments
🐛 Fix Undo / Redo reset on rotation
🐛 Fix task note not showing tasks when launched from launcher shortcut
🐛 Git synchronization


⭐ Support () in file name
🐛 Fix Task note not working from launcher shortcut
🐛 Use shortest link path for attachments


⭐ Support RTL layout
⭐ Support Space and dots in repository title
🐛 Fix Note title being changed to safe filename while adding note
🐛 Fix language change not working on lower android devices (Api 21-25)
🐛 Fix note info dialog not working on lower android devices (Api 21-23)


⭐ Repository option to select attachment folder
🐛 Fix showing images from subfolder (subfolder/image.png) or main folder (/image.png)
🐛 Fix multi lingual file names


⭐ Show HEX color in color picker
⭐ New Terminal theme
🐛 Fix creating duplicate files while sharing to add note
🐛 Fix subfolder reset on changing order


⭐ Arabic translation
⭐ Use @{citekey} instead of {cite:id} in citations
🐛 Bibliography duplication
🐛 Searching in subfolder when changing order


🐛 Fix note encryption and share as pdf


🐛 Fix sharing incomplete pdf and html files
🐛 Fix Note list tags view
🐛 Fix SSL error for share to add note
🐛 Fix errors in webdav authentication


⭐ Recycle bin restore to original location (like Windows and Linux)
🐛 Fix calendar dates
🐛 Fix table of contents


🐛 Fix search


⭐ Support large text files
🐛 Fix scanning notes only when user is online
🐛 Fix biometrics while appending note
🐛 Fix recycle bin crash
🐛 Fix error while generating bibliography


⭐ Ask for decryption only on opening encrypted note (not on repository start)
⭐ User can select subfolder when adding new note from share


⭐ Tasker Plugin to add note
⭐ Settings option to change Git commit message
⭐ Request Post Notifications permission (Android 14)
🐛 Fix Location Image
🐛 Fix Bottom sheet hiding last item in recycler view
🐛 Fix Font reset if none selected


🐛 Fix synchronization
🐛 Fix Git lock file issue
🐛 Don't restart application when clicking on launcher icon


⭐ Swipe buttons for Audio Note and Task Note
⭐ Add YAML property bookmark ("bookmark: true" will bookmark the note)
⭐ Update note after sharing text or adding from launcher shortcut
⭐ Support Subscript (^word^) and Superscript (~word~) in markdown
⭐ Settings option to restrict search to subfolder
⭐ Share to Pin Note as notification
🐛 BibTex parser
🐛 Google drive synchronization

Git synchronization ⭐ Support for lower android versions
⭐ User can select git branch
🐛 Fix author name in commits


⭐ Swipe buttons for Audio Note and Task Note
⭐ Add YAML property bookmark ("bookmark: true" will bookmark the note)
⭐ Update note after sharing text or adding from launcher shortcut
⭐ Support Subscript (^word^) and Superscript (~word~) in markdown
⭐ Settings option to restrict search to subfolder
⭐ Share to Pin Note as notification
🐛 BibTex parser

Git synchronization

⭐ Support for lower android versions
⭐ User can select git branch
🐛 Fix author name in commits


⭐ Keys Manager (SSH)
⭐ Follow System Theme Option
⭐ Insert Link From Gallery in Editor
🐛 Task and Spoiler click in View mode


⭐ New Theme Options
⭐ User can modify print css
⭐ Support [[Link|Label]] wiki links
⭐ Option to remove backup older than days
⭐ Fade Task on Click
⭐ Rename and Delete Folders
⭐ Separate theme colors for Bold and Italics
🐛 Email intent


🐛 Crash in Note Move / Copy Dialog


🐛 Not showing notes in some devices (HUAWEI)
⭐ Changelog in About section


⭐ Keywords as chips in BibTex Manager
⭐ URL and File buttons in BibTex Manager
⭐ Option to show markdown theme in theme section


⭐ Clickable links in Tasks and Tables
⭐ Contribute Translators in About Section (Thank you 🥳)
⭐ Folder navigation toolbar / Breadcrumbs navigation
⭐ New Editor Button : FullScreen
⭐ Update SQLite parser to search fuzzy (Its awesome. Just try it.)
⭐ Read time in Note Info Dialog
⭐ Settings option to show filename in notes list
⭐ Sort via filename


⭐ Translation in 13 languages (in progress)
⭐ Custom scheme for notes (znotes://repository/ Long press Note > Share > Share as Zettel Link
⭐ Long press media file / bibtex file to create launcher shortcut
🐛 Fix Crash due to Service
Change default repository text to title only


⭐ Translation in 13 languages (still a wip)
⭐ Long press media file to add launcher shortcut
Change default repository text to title only


⭐ Fix backlinks
⭐ Support asterisk for task note
⭐ Double tap to edit note
⭐ Use custom view for fonts select screen


⭐ Auto Backup (disable battery optimization for exact time)
⭐ Youtube Note (Share youtube video)
⭐ Bookmark Note (Share and select bookmark note)
⭐ Support bibtex files (per repo)
⭐ Icons for each note type (Settings > Notes List > Modify Info Shown > Icons)
⭐ Allow changing repository name
⭐ Support url as alias for source in yaml
⭐ Show supported variables in template dialog
⭐ Settings option to disable zoom in view mode
⭐ Record audio in background also


⭐ Backup / Restore app data
⭐ Hide repositories you rarely use
⭐ Add Preferences for Audio Recorder


⭐ Add Undo Redo buttons in text editor
⭐ Add support for text,mkd,mdwn,mdown,mdtxt,mdtext,markdown file extensions
⭐ Create note from note search dialog if note doesn't exist


🐛 Crashes and ANRs


🐛 Fix not opening notes when password set on openpgp keys


⭐ Full Text Search ("tag OR tag1", "tag -tag1", "tag tag1" "tag*")
⭐ New Saved Searches based on FTS search (Existing users will have to reset saved searches)
⭐ Support disabling buttons in editor bar
⭐ Search in View Mode
⭐ Keyboard shortcuts for Headings (Existing users will have to click reset button in Shortcuts screen)
⭐ Add Source URL in yaml while adding markdown note from webpage
⭐ Prefs option to disable foreground sync
🐛 Latex Support
🐛 Restoring files in Recycle bin
🐛 Showing partial notes in Note Search Dialog


⭐ More Dynamic templates (define variables in templates as $variable$ and set value in add note dialog)
⭐ YAML header variables (add yaml header and use $header$ in text to replace its value in view mode)
⭐ Bottom Sheet for Media Files (Long Press to open)
⭐ Rename Media File
⭐ Open Media File in System Folder
⭐ Support opening xml, json, yml, yaml extension from your file manager
🐛 + being interpreted as tag


Text To Speech option on long press on text anywhere
⭐ Support Nested tags #tag/subtag and #tag with space#
⭐ Download option in Link Dialog
🐛 Not parsing yaml when \r\n line endings
🐛 Git Sync failing when more than one branch
🐛 Append in encrypted note
🐛 Notification channels for sync and TTS notifications


⭐ New Editor Buttons > Select Paragraph, Cut / Copy selection
⭐ Long Press Calendar to Add Note (using default date format for repository)
⭐ Markdown Link option in Settings > Note Edit / View > Link Style
🐛 Plugins not added in Quick Note


⭐ Full Dropbox access instead of App Folder (You will have to setup dropbox sync again)
⭐ Show Note Count in Saved Searches in Navigation menu
⭐ Custom Sort order for Editor Buttons (Settings > Note Preference > Custom Button Order )
⭐ Pinch Zoom in Markdown Viewer
⭐ Share note to add launcher shortcut (Note Long Press > Share > Create Launcher Shortcut)
⭐ New Custom Button > TextSettings


⭐ GIT support (Android version more than Oreo / 8)
⭐ Calendar View
⭐ Paste clipboard button
🐛 Fix user offline due to being blocked by isp
🐛 Case insensitive support for image extension


⭐ Support sharing and moving files in folders
⭐ Show map image for location tag: ![map](latlong:%lat%,%long%)
⭐ Custom font (Settings > Display > Font > Custom)
⭐ Attachment button in custom buttons bar (Supports camera image, drawing (doodle), audio record)


⭐ Drawing Notes (Add Note Button > Drawing Note)
⭐ Heading button inserts heading at start of line
⭐ Show installed plugins in Navigation Drawer
🐛 Task Toggle


⭐ Drag and Drop support for Audio Note and Task Note
⭐ Settings option to disable saving encrypted note content for search (Settings > Security)
🐛 Remove ## shortcut for tag search dialog (#?, ++, +? are supported)
🐛 Fix SFTP sync


⭐ SFTP sync
⭐ Recycler Bin with auto clean interval
⭐ Subfolder support
⭐ Audio Notes
⭐ Open any file type with markdown link [desc](file.ext)
⭐ New Plugin System / Location Button Plugin (separate app)


⭐ Subfolder sync
⭐ Auto Save note
⭐ Open file links with respective android apps (pdf,docx,doc,xlxs,xls,pptx,ppt,odt,ods,odp,odg,mp3,mp4,apk)
⭐ Encryption for patch / note history
⭐ Sort repositories
⭐ Option to disable patch (Settings > Note Preference)
⭐ Option to disable spellcheck (Settings > Note Preference)
⭐ Option to load last note on opening repo (Settings > Load last opened note)
⭐ Option to load custom repo on app start (Settings > Load Custom Repo on Start)