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You can enter edit mode by clicking on edit button in View Mode.


You can directly open note in edit mode. Just change Settings > Editor > Default Mode > Edit

Editor has text editing area in center and editor buttons at bottom of the screen.


When you first open the editor then last edited position is focused. To change the initial selection position for a note file, go to Settings > Editor and Viewer > Initial Cursor Position. 4 options are provided

  1. Start of note
  2. End of note
  3. Last edit position
  4. None (Don't set initial cursor)

Editor Buttons

Markdown Buttons

  • This is the first editor button.
  • Eleven Markdown buttons are provided by default.
  • Clicking on the button will enter specific markdown format (eg. * for bold) in editor.
  • If you select some text and then click on markdown button, then that text will be surrounded with markdown format defined in the button.
  • To add new markdown button, just select edit button (floating pencil button).
Markdown Buttons
Markdown Buttons

Heading button

  • Click to insert heading format in front of line.
  • You can remove heading or add heading from Level 1 to Level 6 heading.

Zettelkasten Buttons

  1. Insert Tag
  2. Insert Authors
  3. Insert Note Link
  4. Extract Note

Attachment button

The folder where attachments are stored is defined by attachment location in repository.

  • Link
  • Audio recording
  • Drawing
  • Camera Image
  • File from storage
  • Media file from Gallery


You can also download the link, if it is an image file.

Text manipulation buttons

  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Lock / Unlock editing
  • Wrap / Unwrap
  • Text Settings

Line manipulation buttons

  • Increase Indent
  • Decrease Indent
  • Select Line(s)
  • Delete Line(s)
  • Move Line up
  • Move Line down
  • Goto Previous Line
  • Goto Next Line


If you long press Goto Previous Line or Goto Next Line buttons, selection will be set to start or end of file respectively.

Revision (Note History) Button

Zettel Notes stores patch or diff of changes made in a note. You can browse and restore previous revisions of a note with this button.

Revision Button
Previous Revisions of a Note

Coffee Button

This button keeps screen awake for the pre-defined time. Single press will trigger the button while long press will stop it.

Coffee duration of 5 min, 10 mins and 30 mins are provided.

Text Snippets Button

Text snippet has 2 parts. Expander and Expansion. When user clicks on expander then its expansion will be entered in editor at the selected position.

To add a new snippet just click on the floating edit button.

Eg. if Expander is omg, Expansion is Oh My God then clicking on Expander omg in Text Snippets will enter Oh My God in editor

Citations Button

This button is integrated with BibTex manager

Click to enter citation and long press button to generate bibliography.

Emoji Button

Application has support for converting Emoji alias (in edit mode) to emojis (in view mode). Eg. :smile: is converted to 😄 in view mode. Clicking on an emoji will insert its alias in editor.


For full list of supported emojis and aliases, follow this link

Emoji Button
Emoji Button

Settings Button

You can configure the order of editor buttons or enable / disable editor buttons with this button. Click on add button in setting screen to add groups. All the buttons below a group will be added in the group.


Click on a group to change its icon.