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Repository in Zettel Notes is root folder for your collection of notes. It is comparable to Vault in Obsidian.

To create a repository, click on menu button on main screen, select Repositories option. And click on floating create repository button.


Long pressing create repository button, creates a new repository in private storage of application.

Properties of a Repository

A repository can have following properties

1. Title

It should be unique for each repository. Title can be edited after creating a repository

2. Default text

This text will be added to new note files. You can use any of these variables $title$, $id$, $filename$, $$yyyMMdd$$.

Default Text

Default Text

3. Date Format

It contains date time format which will be replaced with the present date and time when creating new note.

Date Format

Date Format

4. BibTex file

Click to select BibTex file for citations from internal storage. Read More

5. File Extension

Following file extensions are supported md, org,txt,text, mkd, mdwn, mdown, mdtxt, mdtext,markdown.

6. Prefer Title From

  • Default
  • Repository will use following order of preference for parsing title.
  • YAML Metadata > First Heading > File name
  • YAML Metadata
  • YAML Property title: Note Title is used to set title as Note Title.
  • First Heading
  • First Heading # Note Title is used to set title as Note Title.
  • Filename
  • Filename Note is used to set title as Note Title.

7. Default location for attachments

  • Main Folder
  • The root folder will be used for storing attachments
  • Same folder as note
  • Specific subfolder
  • Specific subfoler set by user will be used for storing attachments.
  • It should start with /
  • Subfolder in same folder as note


  • Enryption can be set per-repository. Read more.


Mounting internal repositories

Repositories can be assessed via the android Documents application.

To disable mounting internal repositories, go to Settings > Security and disable Mount internal repositories.

mounted repository


To unmount specific repository, hide the repository in Repository settings.