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GIT Synchronization

Git synchronization works only with files in private storage of Zettel Notes (due to storage access framework restrictions).

To setup git repository, select Setup GIT while setting up new repository

add repository
Dialog to Add Repository

You will have to set following parameters

  • Repository Url
  • Url of the remote repository
  • Could be https://.. or ssh://
  • Checkout Branch
  • The git branch which contains your note files (should exist on remote server).
  • If no checkout branch is set then the default remote origin branch is choosen.
  • Commit profile
  • Enter name and email of committer
  • Commit message
  • You can modify the commit message. It can contain date format variable (same as in templates).
  • Username
  • Used for login
  • Password or Token
  • Enter password or your personal access token
  • Key authentication
  • Tick if using ssh url and private keys
  • You can select private key from Keys Manager or enter your own key in private key
  • If your private key uses password, then enter it also.
git settings
GIT Settings


For Github you will need to use personal access token instead of password.

Video showcasing GIT repository setup


To reset git repository, select Reset Repository option in title bar in git settings.