Plugins for Zettel Notes

Zettel Notes main application is provided free of charge and will always will be.

To have a sustained income model, I created Plugins. These are seperate apps downloadable from both play store and f-droid. Some are provided as paid apps and some free. Plugins add additional functionality in Zettel Notes.

Currently following plugins are available in play store and f-droid repository.

  1. AI Chat plugin
  2. Alarm plugin
  3. Document Scanner plugin
  4. Donation plugin
  5. Latex plugin
  6. Location plugin
  7. OCR plugin
  8. Speech to Text plugin
  9. Speed Read plugin
  10. Text Utils plugin
  11. Translate plugin
  12. Todo.txt plugin


Show your love ❤️ for Zettel Notes by purchasing donation plugin.

Source code for plugins and plugin api is available on Github