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Welcome to documentation for Zettel Notes Markdown Note taking app for android devices.

Why Choose Zettel Notes ? 🚀

  1. Store your notes as separate markdown files, ensuring no vendor lock-in like other apps
  2. Easily import your existing notes by adding the repository/folder through the Repositories option in the menu
  3. Free of cost, without ads, and no hidden permissions
  4. No collection of user data
  5. Offline, synchronization is optional.

Notes are stored as separate text files. Application starts with an introductary note. After installing, add folder / repository containing your existing notes from the repositories option in menu.

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How to develop custom plugins ?

Want to customize your Zettel Notes experience? Check out our Plugin API on GitHub

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Zettel Notes is multi-lingual and translated in 18 languages. Read more


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