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Zettelkasten Method

Zettel Notes has first class support for Zettelkasten note taking method.


Backlinks are the notes which contain link for the existing note. In note information dialog, all note backlinks are listed. You can click on any backlink note to open it.

Type [[ in editor to show note list and select any note to insert markdown link for the note. eg [[]]


To configure note links, go to Settings > Editor > Link Style. You can select among [[filename]], [[]], [[filename|title]], [[|title]], [[date]], [[date]] title, [title](filename) and [title](


  • Tags are denoted by #tag or specifying tag in yaml
  • type ## or #? to show tag search dialog


  • Authors are denoted by @author or specifying author in yaml
  • type @@ to show author search dialog

New Note from selection

You can create new note from selected text in editor. Just select some text in editor and click on Extract Note editor button in Editor

Extract Note
Extract note editor button

Table of contents

To display table of contents, add [TOC] tag anywhere in note in a new line.

To enable table of contents for all notes, tick Table of Contents (TOC) settings option in Settings > Editor.

To create inline heading links add # in front of link eg. [Heading](#heading). Clicking on inline heading link will scroll to the specific heading. You will need to replace spaces and non-alphanumeric characters in heading with hypen in the link.


Inline link for `# This is a heading` will be `[link](#this-is-a-heading)`.

Lean more about Zettelkasten method 📖

This note taking method is based on zettel or short notes based on a single idea. Main strength of this method lies in interlinking notes and backlinks.

Sascha has described this method is more detail. Please checkout his blog post at