Share via Pandoc

To share notes via Pandoc, click on menu button to right of note. Choose Share > via Pandoc > as DOCX / EPUB / HTML / ODT


Termux needs to be installed for this.

Step by step guide to setup share via pandoc:

  1. Install Termux

    • Installing Termux application allows us to execute command line instructions (you will only have to setup it once, then Zettel Notes will use it as an intermediary for format conversions).
    • Download via Play Store or F-droid (Recommended).
  2. Grant Zettel Notes permission to access Termux by clicking on first button in dialog

  3. Select the output file format
  4. Configure storage access in Termux.

    • To do this you need to open Termux and type the command termux-setup-storage.
    • In Android 14 it is possible that Termux shows, an aborted operation message. To fix it you have to tell Termux to install Termux-am with the following instruction pkg install termux-am and setup storage access using termux-setup-storage.
  5. Enable external application access in Termux.

    • To enable it you have to edit from Termux itself its properties file ~/.termux/ Read more on Github
    • Or you can paste the following command in termux echo allow-external-apps=true >> /data/data/com.termux/files/home/.termux/"'
  6. Install Pandoc

    • To do this paste pkg install pandoc in termux.
  7. Enter absolute path for repository

    • Tell Termux the absolute address in Android of the repository of our notes. Something similar to /storage/emulated/0/<repository>.
  8. Click on export button