Saved Searches

Zettel Notes has powerful full-text search. It can search in file contents almost instantly.

Search can be filtered by clicking on Sort icon in menu.


6 note filters are provided. You can sort notes by Date, Title, Word Count, Last Modified, Times Accessed and Filename.

You can also save your search queries.

To assess this feature, open left navigation drawer and scroll down to Saved Searches.

Saved searches screen
Left Navigation Drawer

To edit saved searches, click on Edit button in saved searches section. This will open a dialog listing all the searches. Click on any search item to edit it.

Saved searches screen
Edit dialog for saved search

Edit you search name and search query. To set specific filter click on the respective filter chip. And click on save.

To search just click on the saved search in navigation drawer.


You can long press on tag in tags screen to add it as saved search.