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What is a note ?

A note in Zettel Notes is a plain text file. It can have any of the supported file extensions (eg. md, org, txt etc.). Zettel Notes parses all the files in a repository / folder / vault defined by the user and saves in database.

Whatever changes are made by the user are automatically saved in the note file. This way you can use any application you want to read your notes and are not dependent on Zettel Notes (vendor agnostic).


For full list of supported file extensions, checkout Repository

Viewer and Editor Modes

There are 2 modes for any note

View mode shows the parsed markdown. It shows different layouts depending on the Note Type.

Edit mode allows to edit files with markdown formatting. You can insert tags, authors and note links in editor. It has deep integration with Zettelkasten Method

Note Information

In view mode you can see Note Information by clicking on top right menu button.

Note information dialog
Note Info Dialog


You can share in various formats, to learn more click here