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Zettel Notes can also be used as a citation manager.

  1. Go to Menu > Repositories
  2. Edit specific repository and click on BibTex File
  3. Select your citations bib or json file from internal storage.
  4. Save the repository.
  5. To browse this BibTex file, Select BibTex from left navigation drawer on main screen.


Zettel Notes supports bib and json files for citation

To learn how to create citations file in zotero follow this blog post

What if only want to use BibTex feature ?

  • BibTex Manager is available as a seperate application
  • Download via Play Store or F-Droid

Demo Video

How to change CSL Style for bibliography ?

Go to bibtex screen, click on top right menu button to open CSL Style manager. Click on download and select from 2,594 CSL styles to use in app.